Here's what we've been up to....

It's been a long time since I've posted.  I know I need to be better, but life is so crazy right now.  Mike and I are both working full time, I'm going to school full time (16 credits), and we have three small children to take care of.  Both Mike and I have wonderful callings in the ward, Mike teaches Sunday School to the 15 and 16 year olds, and I am the Ward Music Chair Person, which means I am in charge of all music in the ward.  So that keeps us both pretty busy also.  Thankfully we have so much love and support around us to keep us on track. 
Izabella Arrow Plane
Izzy, or Bella, or Feona, or what every name she has decided to be called for the day :) is now 4 years old.  If you ask her she is now a little lady.  She is definitely the older sister.  While she is a huge help to me by entertaining her younger siblings, running and getting things I need, picking up after herself and others, and even making sure her sisters get buckled in her new big girl car seat, she is also bossy and knows everything, mommy knows nothing.   Izzy also has a very creative, active imagination (so creative she loves to tell people that mommy is having another baby.  No she's not, not until I'm done with school.). She loves to role play with her sister and sometimes she gets so caught up in it that it becomes real to her.  She is loving, kind and very sensitive to everyone.  She is always willing to share her life story with everyone she meets.  She enjoys learning, as long as it's not mommy teaching her, and is very active.  She loves doing crafts, coloring, singing, dancing, watching movies with daddy and playing outside.  She is eager for spring to be here so she can get a big girl bike and go riding with mommy.  Bella's favorite color is purple, not just her favorite color, but sometimes the only color.  Everything has to be purple!!  She is such a girly girl, a daddy's girl, and a sweetheart I just can't seem to get enough of. 
 Mommy loves you my little "Skinny Mini".
Abigail Charlotte Plane
Abi is now 2, however, if you ask her she is 4 just like her big sister.  And just like Izzy is definitely the oldest child, Abi is definitely a second child. Adi loves to be the center of attention, however, she can become almost invisible when she wants to.  I think her main objective each day is to torment her little brother, and to drive mommy crazy!!  I know it sounds bad, but that's my punishment for putting my parents through so many tantrums.  Don't worry mom, I'm getting my pay back.  Even though she has her bad moments, Abi is a gentle spirit.  She loves to help, on her own terms, she loves to play with her sister, as long as it's what she wants to play, and she loves to be with her mommy, all the time.  Even when mommy is showering, Abi will come in and sit on the toilet and just talk to mommy the whole time.  Abigail has about five dolls and you almost never see her without one or all of them, along with her purse that is full of the snacks she has horded over the last couple of days, her little blanky, her pillow pet, and her sippy.  Mommy and Daddy now go through all her purses, and toys that can hide food, at the end of every day to find her stash.  Abigail loves to eat, loves to cook and bake, loves to read and loves to cuddle!!  She can completely make my day with one of her big ABI HUGS.  Even though she is "Miss Independent", she has a sweet and charming personality.  She enjoys making people laugh and is well on her way to becoming a little comedian.  Her favorite color is blue, her favorite pass time is eating, and her favorite people in the whole world are Aunt Nicolei and Papa Fred.  "Tum Tum", mommy loves you too!!  (And this week we have finally made a break though on potty training!!)
Miles Delano Plane
Miles is the little man of the house.  At one years of age he rules the roost and keeps us all on our toes.  If it is off limits, it is Miles main objective to seek and destroy!!  I think the first thing he learned to do as soon as he was mobile, was to pick on his sisters.  He thinks it is so funny to make them squeal!  Like Abigail, Miles loves to eat, and loves to make people laugh.  He always has a smile on his face when you go in to get him out of bed, or when he's meeting someone new.  Even though he has a ton of toys to entertain him, unless it is a computer, a phone, a remote control (a real one, a fake one will not fool him for long), or mommies Kindle he isn't interested.  He must be his fathers child :)!  Now that he is running around the house, he is finally at the age that daddy likes to play with him.  Watching Miles and Mike play together is one of the best parts of my life, and I can't wait for them to share all the special moments a daddy and son will share.  Miles has become fasinated with the outdoors, just let him run around outside and he will entertain himself for hours.  Miles is a little boy who knows what he wants, and won't stop till he gets it.  He has a sweet spirit and a blossoming little personality that makes everyone smile.  Mommy loves you "Baba".  

I have to much on my plate right now, but I am enjoying all of it.  I am working at the hospital here in Twin Falls on the surgical floor.  I have just gone back to the night shift which Mike and I are hoping will fit better into our hectic schedules.  Thankfully, I am able to work 12 hour shifts and only have to work three days a week.  I am also going to school.  Yes, after ten years I am finally going back to get me RN.  It's never to late they say: we'll see.  For my first semester back I took far to many credits, 16 total, however I am managing to muttle through it quite well.  This week is Spring Break and I am going to enjoy a complete 6 days off from work and school just to enjoy life.   I was called back in January to be the Ward Music Chair in our ward.  I'm not sure why they thought I was capable of this calling, but guess since I can sing I can be in charge.  I love my calling and I'm glad to say we have only had to sing one Congregational hymn since I've been called.  I love it when others share their talents.  I love being back in Twin Falls.  Even though I am far to busy and don't accomplish to do much with friends other then my monthly trip to Kiwi Loco it is nice to know that they are here if I do need them.  Mike and I are renting a wonderful little home and all I have to say about that is it is great to have a place that is big enough for our family.  I love being a mommy and I'm grateful to be married to such an amazing man.  I really couldn't do all this without him.  Hang in there everyone, only four more years and I'll be done with school and things will slow down, RIGHT?!
What can I say about Mike?   What a man, what a man, what a man

What a mighty good man!!  On top of working full time, Mike has been mister mom five out of seven days a week, has been doing all of the house work, cooking dinner two to three times a week, helps me with my homework, motivates me to do my homework, and teaching the 15 and 16 year olds every Sunday at church.  Not to mention he even has to take care of the kids all through sacrament meeting while I lead the music, that in its self is a chore.  Now if that isn't the most wonderful man in the world I'm not sure what is.  I think Mike is glad to be back in Twin Falls also.  Even though he had another friend leave this winter, he still has a few around and is even getting the courage to make new ones.  Even though we love spending time together, I think Mike finds much joy in being able to have three nights to himself to do as he wishes while I'm at work and the kids are asleep.  Mike is eager for the summer to get here.  Family BBQ's with friends, driving around with the top down, going to great movies with friends (can't wait for the new theater in town to open), along with a trip to the drive in with Izzy.  Don't worry, I'll manage to squeeze in a couple of dates for just the two of us.   Spring is bring warm beautiful days along with a more happy, peaceful, fun Mike.  Love you Babie!!

So that's what the Plane's have been up too!!

Love you all,

Michael, Stefanie, Izabella, Abigail, and Miles

Echo is loving having a large yard to run around in.  Loves the attention the kids give her, even though I think she enjoys sun bathing on the back of the couch even more.  And she can't wait for the Spring time so she can go on more family walks.